Anna & Charlie's Catering
We are a leader of stylist caterer and a future part of Anna & Charlie's Cafe, with over 10 years experience in Thailand.


Q : What kind of services provided by Anna & Charlie’s Catering?
A : We provide catering services including Buffet, Cocktail, Meal Box, Snack Box, Food Stalls, Coffee Beak, and High tea. We are proud to present a luxury and contemporary catering to you and we are ready to serve who are looking for party planner such as Birthday, Anniversary, Grand opening, Seminar, making merit and all aspects of the event including the theme with great food, drink and fun, we are known for meeting all your expectations, delivery a successful outcome and a truly memorable experience.

Q : I have been dinner at Anna & Charlie’s cafe, is it the same owner?
A : Yes, it is, and we recently expanding the new business for catering service to serve the needs of our customers with same great tastes.

Q : How about the pricing for Anna & Charlie’s Catering, is it expensive?
A : We have a standard price and the pricing is base on the selected menus by customer, equipments using for each event, however, our price is reasonable with affordable budget.

Q : How much lead time for the catering service?
A : One week in advance.

Q :Where is Anna & Charlie’s Catering?
A : 551 Soi Chan 18/7 (St. Louis), Thoongwatdon, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

Q : How can I contact Anna & Charlie’s Catering?
A : You can contact us through 089-814-8916 or 089-684-4816, besides that, you also can reach us through www.annacharliecatering.com or www.facebook.com/annacharliecatering

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